A slice of daily life. 

How quickly does time go when you have little ones? My two are turning two & four this year and I really can’t believe it. It just goes so quickly and before we know it they will be off out with their friends and leaving us at home in silence (Actually that sounds pretty good!!!!). But seriously- the days can feel so long when you are in the middle of it all. Nappy changes, feeding (ALL the time!), nap times, playdates, classes, preschool taxi services, baking, playdough, playing outside, more mealtimes!!!! The days can be long but the years are so short. 

“Sometimes the little moments are actually the big moments”

Having my own children made me realise that actually all the little daily things that take place day in day out in our home no matter what are actually not so little but pretty big. 

Meal times. In our house meal times tend to be spent with us sitting around the table all laughing at our toddler who thinks he is an absolute joker when he is eating. He thinks he is hilarious. His favourite one is wearing his plate (with or without food) as a hat and repeatedly shouting “HAT!!!” I mean I do find it annoying (food in his hair three times a day- his hair is practically white!!!!!) but these are the moments that should be recorded. 

Playing outside. Me sat on the step whilst the kids run free in the garden. Or more realistically me trying to do jobs in the garden and both children trying to help….not always that helpful!

Running wild around the house. Every. Day. Naked. (Not me-Them!!!!)  I don’t know why but my children are naked children. As soon as they get home they both strip down to their pants. If they got a chance they would do it in public too. They just don’t like clothes. But I secretly love watching their little fat bodies chase after each other everyday. They play so much together at the moment. They are a real team. I know this will only increase as they get older and already I can see so much of myself and my Brother in their relationship and I just know they will always be so close. This makes me very happy.

Bath time. Now we have two and they are starting to gang up together bath time is full of so many giggles from them and so much shouting from myself and my Husband saying “Keep the water IN the bath!!!!”. But after a while we just give up- everywhere gets soaked and it’s all worth it for the giggles that come right from their toes.

Bedtime. Everynight we all jump in Mummy & Daddy’s bed, snuggle down and have 3 stories together with warm milk. It really is the perfect end to each day. I will miss this moment the most when they are older and it’s definitely the time of day I treasure the most. The tiny toddler shows off his acrobat skills on our bed (So peaceful) and our little lady tells Daddy all about our day. I never want these moments to end. Then they both go off to their own beds and we breathe a sigh of relief that we managed to keep our toddler alive for another day-Seriously!!!

So that is why I have decided to create a new photography package to add to my family work. A slice of daily life. Documenting your “small but big” moments. The ones you do every day with your little people and the moments you will miss the most when they are all grown up. Simple daily life in your home.

The session will last approximately 3 hours. It can be any time of day depending what you would prefer to be documented. Before the shoot we can discuss what you would like to capture. This lovely family I documented asked me to arrive just before breakfast and leave just before lunch. It was a relaxing Sunday morning doing their normal. We made smoothies, had breakfast, had a bath (more children who enjoy emptying the bath whilst they are in it!!!), got dressed, read stories, played in their bedrooms, baked together and finally played in the lounge together. Now they have these memories forever. I think it is my new favourite thing to document. Your normal. Your every single day.

A Slice of daily life | £450

2-3 hour (approx) photo shoot in your own home.

30 image luxe photo book.

30 images to download with print release.

If you would like to freeze time with your little ones please drop me an email or give me a call. I can’t wait to get started!!!