Beginners Photography Guide

 I have run my photography business since 2009 and have decided now is the time to create a beginners photography guide. I started photographing children in nurseries, then moved on to family photography & weddings. I am a completely self taught photographer and I am super proud of this.

Been self taught has helped me to develop my own personal style and I have learnt through making mistakes. I believe is the best way to learn. I always wanted to do better each time and even though it was frustrating at times, I always pushed myself to do the best I could.

 I continued to photograph families and weddings until December 2019 when I decided weddings didn’t fit well around my own family anymore. Wedding photography built my skill so much as you have to be quick thinking, there is no room for mistakes. You get one chance at wedding photography and I learnt so many valuable skills from the 10 years I did.

Beginners Photography Guide Details

My main focus now is family photography, branding photography for business’ and product photography.

Recently I created a beginners photography guide in a PDF format as I get so many people asking if I still offer a one to one lessons. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do one to one lessons anymore so I have created a brand new guide. It contains tips on how to take photographs on manual settings on a DSLR, tips on lighting, editing and composition.

It also contains advice on taking photographs with an iPhone and editing on an iPhone.

Photography is as much of an art as it is a skill. It is seeing a moment & having all the skills to capture that moment in an instant. Anyone can take a photo on today’s technology. To take a GOOD photograph you have to see the moment first, then bring in your skills to create the correct lighting, composition & settings for the situation.

Beginners Photography guide PDF- £20

If you would like to purchase the guide for yourself or family & friends please email me Gift vouchers are available if it is for a gift.

Helen x