On Easter Saturday our cousins from London travelled back home to Yorkshire to spend a week where they belong. It was perfect! They were staying at our Grannies, but came for a visit to our farm for the day. We had a long, lazy lunch filled with wine and champagne for the adults whilst the children played trains on the floor. My Mum is the best cook so lunch was as delicious as ever followed by home made orange ice-cream. YUM!

After lunch we went out on the farm. My Dad gave his usual tour for the children but their Uncle Jens was also with us from America so he got the full blown farm tour. Jens has never been to Yorkshire- only to London. I think it was all quite the experience for him! Walking up the yard to see the cows we even got to see a baby calf been born- the children were amazed and I think some of the adults were too! Perfect timing. After an afternoon watching calves been born & learning to walk in minutes, playing on tractors, seeing the lambs on our neighbours farm, collecting wood for the fire & the three little ones playing chase in the Orchid it was time to go into the farm house for a well earned piece of cake. What better way to spend your weekend hey?


Otley Farm photoshoot otley-farm-photo-shoot-2 otley-farm-photo-shoot-4 otley-farm-photo-shoot-5

My Nephew always keep an eye on what is happening with his heard- a brand new baby calf was born!

Otley Farm photo shoototley-farm-photo-shoot-9 otley-farm-photo-shoot-10 otley-farm-photo-shoot-11

Farmer Ian had an early arrival on the farm- a slight surprise for him! Thank goodness Farmer Jack had his eye on the ball and spotted it! My Dad’s 50 years of farming experience is soon getting taken over by my Nephew’s 3 years of experience!

otley-farm-photo-shoot-14 Otley Farm photoshoototley-farm-photo-shoot-20 otley-farm-photo-shoot-23 otley-farm-photo-shoot-26 otley-farm-photo-shoot-29

The Ladies of Castley Farm

Otley Farm photo shoototley-farm-photo-shoot-35 otley-farm-photo-shoot-37 otley-farm-photo-shoot-38-2 otley-farm-photo-shoot-38 Otley Farm photo shoototley-farm-photo-shoot-43 otley-farm-photo-shoot-44-2 otley-farm-photo-shoot-45

Jack set about his usual task of collecting logs for Granny GG’s fire-a very important job he has!

otley-farm-photo-shoot-47 Otley Farm photo shoototley-farm-photo-shoot-55 otley-farm-photo-shoot-57 otley-farm-photo-shoot-59

otley-farm-photo-shoot-58 Otley Farm photo shoot