Family photoshoots in Harrogate 

This summer I had so many gorgeous family photoshoots in Harrogate and the surrounding areas. I love seeing old families come back and watching the children grow and change through the years, but I also got the chance to meet lots of new lovely families.

My style of photography is all about the light and this summers light did not disapoint. I had lots of clients take my advice to either meet early morning or early evening to catch the perfect light for shoots. When this happens you can create the most beautiful images.

I found my new favourite summer shoot location and also visited lots of locations I often use- anywhere with long grasses in the summer is a yes for me!

We then hit September with a bang and my youngest child started school. I honestly don’t feel grown up enough to have two children in school but here we are! I always planned that when the time came I would have so much more time to work, look at some new projects I have been planning for my photography business and to be less hectic but I quickly learnt the school day goes by in a puff!!!!


I have just finished autumn shoots for the year which I will share on another post, but the light has been just as kind to me this autumn too. If you would like early access to black Friday deals, shoot dates and offers or information on personal branding photography then go to my family or personal branding page on my site and sign up to my mailing list.

I hope every if having lovely week and managing to stay dry because boy oh boy it is wet out there this week!

To find out more information about family photoshoots in Harrogate go to my family page

Helen x