Life has been a little hectic recently with lots of weddings & gorgeous families to photograph but yesterday I took some time out to go visit someone very special with Florence & her GG (My mum).

We went and met the REAL Father Christmas! Florence was a little confused by the whole thing  at 4.5 months old… she does a great confused face…. but we loved it!

We met Father Christmas a Birchfield Farm. We started our visit with a look around the farm and we went to meet the reindeers. We were then met by a little Elf (who knew Florence’s name- magic!) and were taken to Father Christmas’ home on his sleigh (more confused faces from Florrrie). Once we arrived we were taken through the ‘toy making’ room & in to see Father Christmas sat by his log fire. It was such a magical experience and we left with a level wooden gift and a wooden turtle dove to hang on our tree.

I can’t recommend Birchfield Farm enough- thank you so much for such a magical afternoon!! We can’t wait to come again next year (when Florence will still have no idea whats going on!).

Go take a look at the website to plan your visit!


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