Harrogate children’s photoshoot

Last Saturday I met up with three gorgeous sisters and their Mummy for a Harrogate children’s photo shoot. Lily, Amber & Georgia are just gorgeous! Their Mummy wanted photos of all three of them together- Georgia had other ideas! I love toddlers- their strong minds mean you just have to go with the flow 🙂 These three girlies are going to be the best of friends growing up- how lucky are they??

Helen-Lishman-Photography_0045 Helen-Lishman-Photography_0062 Helen-Lishman-Photography_0061 Helen-Lishman-Photography_0060 Helen-Lishman-Photography_0059 Helen-Lishman-Photography_0058 Harrogate family photo shootHelen-Lishman-Photography_0056 Helen-Lishman-Photography_0055 Helen-Lishman-Photography_0054 Helen-Lishman-Photography_0053 Harrogate family photo shootHelen-Lishman-Photography_0051 Helen-Lishman-Photography_0050 Helen-Lishman-Photography_0049Helen-Lishman-Photography_0048 Helen-Lishman-Photography_0047 Harrogate family photo shoot