I have raved about Riggfarm Montessori many times before- I think the pictures here show what a magical nursery it is!!! Based near Harrogate, on a farm, in the countryside. What better place could your children grow up??


2015-08-21_00282015-08-21_0029 2015-08-21_0027 Rigg Farm Montessori NurseryRigg Farm Montessori Nursery 2015-08-21_0024 2015-08-21_0022 Rigg Farm Montessori Nursery2015-08-21_0020 2015-08-21_0019 2015-08-21_0018 Rigg Farm Montessori Nursery2015-08-21_0016 2015-08-21_0015 2015-08-21_0014 Rigg Farm Montessori Nursery2015-08-21_0012 2015-08-21_0011

2015-08-21_0010 Rigg Farm Montessori Nursery2015-08-21_0008


2015-08-21_0006Rigg Farm Montessori Nursery


2015-08-21_0003Rigg Farm Montessori Nursery