Professional photography to promote your business

Business. Women in business, men in business, families in business, large and small companies in business. Everyone wants the same thing….to stand out from the crowd! To do this you NEED to look professional. When I first started my photography business I didn’t stand out from the crowd. Yes I was taking a few bookings but I didn’t have a strong enough brand for my business. I didn’t stand out. Now I do- I have a strong brand, strong images and a strong business and when it all works it feels so good. It makes you feel bold enough to sell your product with all the confidence it deserves.

I see so many business’s on Facebook and Instagram letting themselves down with their images and too be honest it puts me off buying their products when you can find other companies that look like they are more professional and offering a much better end product.

Our world on the internet is so quick nowadays and if you don’t stand out people are not going to invest their precious time trying to give you a chance. That why all business’s should have a strong, truthful to themselves brand and great images to go with it. Be proud of what you are selling or promoting!

To make social media work for your business you need to be present every day and so many people say to me ‘but I don’t no what content to put out there and I don’t have enough content prepared or the time to do it’. This is where I come in. I offer a social media package for small business’ which gives you lots of content to put out into the world each day with just a few quick and easy click on your phone.

Every season I spend a couple of hours creating flat lays and new images to show off my business on social media. I then download all the images on to my phone and each morning when I wake up and once in an evening I add new content to social media. No effort needed. It really is that simple to be present on all social platforms each day and by doing so my business has grown to give us a full time income without the full-time hours. Perfect!!!

If you have a small business then get in touch and and we can discuss what would work for your own unique business and begin to build your image and brand to stand out from the crowd!

Helen x