Destination wedding? Ibiza? YES PLEASE! This beautiful wedding in Ibiza was my third destination wedding. I absolutely LOVE them! I mean who wouldn’t right? I get to go abroad for a few nights, explore different cultures, see totally different weddings that would never be achievable in England due to the weather. I just love it! This one was no exception. Mark & Ruth did such a fab job of planning their destination wedding. Every detail was perfect & the venue was just beautiful- I’m sure you will agree!

Destination wedding ibiza2015-06-13_0002



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Destination wedding ibiza

Destination wedding ibiza


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Destination wedding ibiza


2015-06-13_0022 2015-06-13_0023 2015-06-13_0024 2015-06-13_0025 2015-06-13_0026 Destination wedding ibizaDestination wedding ibiza

Destination wedding ibiza Destination wedding ibizaDestination wedding ibiza Destination wedding ibiza2015-06-13_0034

Destination wedding ibiza

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2015-06-13_0032Destination wedding ibiza

Destination wedding ibiza