Freddie came to my studio when he was 14 days old. It was a horrible wet & windy day. His Mummy & Daddy came running in trying to keep their precious new baby dry and protecting him from the harsh wind & rain. Freddie was all wrapped up in his maxi- cosi & as all his layers were removed out came a tiny little newborn baby. He was dressed in a beautiful white baby grow & was fast asleep. (He soon woke up!)

Normally I suggest newborn are photographed 3-12 days old as they are still very sleepy & are easy to handle as they are not aware what is going on! Freddie on the other hand was wide awake after I took the first photograph! He was staring at the lights, but got a bit of a shock when the flash went off!

Freddie was such a happy baby and between feeds he was the perfect little model. I LOVED photographing his wide awake eyes and his little rosebud lips. These are precious moments that go so quickly, so what better way than to have memories of how tiny little babies are so you can look back & can’t believe how much they have grown! I no Freddie’s Mummy & Daddy will be looking back on these photographs in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 18 years & they will not believe Freddie had been such a tiny little bundle! I loved photographing Freddie & can’t wait to show his parents his album. I hope you enjoy looking through this little selection too! Helen x

Newborn baby photographyNewborn baby photography