Life as a working Mummy

Wow… it has been a while since I have properly posted on here, life has changed (for better!!) and 11 weeks ago we welcomed our beautiful daughter Florence into the world. Our little bundle has brought us ridiculous amounts of happiness. I always knew I would love been a Mummy but now I know how much fun it is I so wish I had done it sooner! Every morning I wake up to the most gorgeous little smile and often a good giggle thrown in too. I mean what better way could you start the day? We adjusted to Mummy/daughter life pretty quickly and have spent the last eleven weeks meeting friends for cake (lots of it!!!), going to little baby sensory & baby massage classes, going on our first family holiday and spending time together as our new little family. We love it!

When Florence was 6 weeks old I started doing photo shoots again. I didn’t know how I would feel leaving her before she was born. I know so many people that don’t like leaving their children and people kept telling me I was crazy thinking I would start working so soon after the birth but the first time I left her with my Mum and saw the bond between them I knew she was in safe hands and would benefit so much getting to spend time with her ‘GG & Bob’ (my parents) at the farm. My Mum totally dotes on her ever smile & coo and every time I drop her off at the farm to go photograph a new family I know she will have the loveliest of times. I have so many special memories growing up at Castley Fram and I can’t wait for Florence to build her own memories growing up there too.

I have to admit my first photo shoot back when Florence was 6 weeks old felt brilliant! It felt good to be back behind the camera and having a bit of time been me. I always get a buzz when taking photographs and I didn’t realise how much I had missed it! I just love getting out on location and meeting so many amazing people.

I know how lucky I am having the chance to work and bring up our gorgeous daughter without having to put her into childcare. I have spent so many years looking after other peoples children and now my time has come to have my own I feel so privileged that I get to spend these precious years with Florence and my works fits around our time together and not the other way round. Our days consist of Florence waking at 6am for a feed, then she nods back off and I head to my office (in the next room!) to fit in a couple of hours work before we start our day together. Florence spends 2 days a week with my parents (for a few hours at a time- I always pop back between shoots to feed the little munchkin!) whilst I shoot, edit and complete admin. The rest of the week is ours. Bliss!

Today I have an afternoon of family photo shoots and Florence is off to the farm. My Brother is having the day off so Florence will be spending the afternoon outside helping Bob milk the cows & helping GG feed the baby calves. Fingers crossed for Dad’s sake the droning noise of the parlour sends hers to sleep in her pram! What better way could she spend the afternoon? I have so much support from my Husband & my Parents to continue to build my business AND be a stay at home Mummy and for that I will always be so grateful to them all. I am one super lucky Mummy and when I am working at midnight in the busy season just so I can spend the day with Florence I won’t moan (too much!) as I know how privileged I am to be able to work and spend these precious first years with our baby girl. 2016-10-15_00012016-10-15_0008 2016-10-15_0007 2016-10-15_0006 2016-10-15_0004 2016-10-15_00052016-10-15_0003 2016-10-02_0001 2016-10-15_0002