I truly have a passion for capturing real, honest photographs of you & your family leaving true memories, capturing the essence of you.

My style is very relaxed. I can either come to your home or a location of your choice. I start by getting to know you & your family by chatting & playing games until everyone feels comfortable & relaxed.

Once everyone is relaxed I will set up a few group family photos, but mainly I focus on capturing your family as themselves playing, talking, laughing, teasing & the relationships between each family member.

I get so much pleasure in creating memories that tell the story of YOUR family.

Helen x

Full Session Family Package £200

1 hour session for families

40-50 photographs on an online gallery

20 images in high resolution on CD

Mini  Session package £100

30 minute session for children

20-30 photographs on an online gallery

5 images in high resolution on CD

Large Family Session Package £250

1 hour session

40-60 photographs on an online gallery

40 images in high resolution on CD



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