Otley children mini shoot

This little lady is just adorable! Annie came back for more photographs again this year in an Otley children mini shoot. She has changed so much! We met up on the Otley Chevin with her Mummy & had such a giggle. Annie is a very cheeky little girl with such a huge personality for a two her old. I can’t wait to see this little one grow!


Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot1 Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot2 Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot3 Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot4 Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot5 Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot6 Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot7Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot9 Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot10 Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot11 Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot12 Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot13 Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot8 Otley-chevin-children-mini-shoot14