I know I have been VERY quite on here for the last couple of months, but as many of you may already know on Wednesday 27th July 2016 myself & my Husband Robert welcomed our beautiful baby girl Florence Louise into the world!

This little lady has totally stolen our hearts, I never knew the love you could feel for one tiny little baby but now I completely understand what other Mummies have been telling me they felt for their babies all these years!

Florence (Florrie) is an absolute dream! She sleeps, eats and repeats & the last couple of days she has been throwing in a few smiles in between her busy schedule- adorable!

I am taking a break from weddings until November so I can spend time with our new little bundle & we can get to know each other but I am still taking booking for next year & 2018.

I am taking bookings for family shoots from mid-september so please do book in for your end of summer & autumn photo shoots. Limited spaces are available.

For now though here is a little look at our sweet little Florence as we continue to enjoy our special journey together as a family of three xxx


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