Harrogate Family Photo Shoot

When another photographer as you to take photographs of their family it is ALWAYS a privilege! My good friend Natasha (The amazing Natasha Cadman Photography) asked me to take some photographs of her gorgeous little family again last weekend and I loved it! We met in a random corn field my Dad found for me (Being a farmer’s daughter does have it’s uses!) and although when we pulled into the field we were faced with a big heap of cow muck (Thank you for looking past it Tash & Jim! Ha!) the location and light fit together perfectly. Then we added a gorgeous family into the mix. I mean to start with they are beautiful and the cuteness between- so gorgeous to watch! The light was amazing. I think I often drive clients mad changing shoot times to chase the perfect light but when you get it right its sooooo dreamy. Can we also all take a moment to appreciate the cuteness of this little boy??? If I didn’t have two already I would have put him in my camera bag and taken him home! Those cheeks… too much! Natasha & Jim are expecting their second little bubba and I’m so excited to see this family grow. When you produce children this cute you can’t stop at two!!!!!

I hope you both love the photos,

Lots of love xxxx