Harrogate Fewston Family Photo Shoot

I photograph Clarke every year & I love it when I get to see how much he has grown and changed through out the year. We met at Fewston Reservoir near Harrogate & had a little walk around the beautiful reservoir. Clarke is such a happy chap. He is so full of life and totally adorable! When ever I meet Clarke he is always slightly shy for the first 5 minutes but as soon as we start playing & having fun he comes out of his shell & his personality shines through. His parents are so lucky to have such a happy little boy. Oh and did you notice his gorgeous dark eyes! Clarke is defiantly is going to break some heart when he is older!

Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-7-2Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-54Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-11-2 Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-16 Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-19-2Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-22 Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-31-2Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-37 Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-38-2 Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-39 Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-40-2 Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-54Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-74-2Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shootHarrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-62Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-65 Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-69-2 Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot-80-2 Harrogate-fewston-family-photo-shoot