In may I went & photographed the children at Riggfarm Montessori Pre-school. I love returning to Riggfarm as I trained as a teacher myself there. I started working at Rigg Farm when I was 14  years old in the summer holidays at their yearly ‘summer school’. I LOVED it! I had fallen in love with Montessori & knew it was what I wanted to do when I left school straight away. I then trained as a teacher at Riggfarm Montessori & worked there for 5 years teaching children until my passion for photography led me down a different path, and here I am!

The Montessori Philosophy is just amazing and works so well, children are in an environment that helps them learn so much, in such incredible ways. They learn social skills, life skills, educational skills and many more, I can’t write them all down! Rigg Farm is a magical setting, based on a small farm, the children are free to be both indoors and outdoors at anytime they choose. They have the responsibilities of feeding and caring for all the animals on the farm which all the children are so eager to help with. They can dig in the mud, search for creatures in the pond, run as far as they can through the meadow field, chill with the pigs, play in the mud kitchen in the secret garden, travel to space or any country in the world and explore all about it, learn home skills, count, read, write, role play, create and so much more! It truly is a magical place. If you would like to have a look for yourself please visit

Every year I am lucky enough to return to Riggfarm to photograph the children and this year I met lots of lovely new children enjoying their experiences at Riggfarm. Enjoy!

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