Things have been HECTIC recently! In all the madness I have totally neglected my blog, Facebook & Instagram pages. I have soooo much to share with you all but just not enough hours in the days (excuses, excuses!). So I am sorry if I have been completely boring to follow recently! The wedding season has finished for me until November due to my maternity leave so I am busy editing the final weddings I did in the last couple of weeks and photographing lots of gorgeous families! Our timing of our babies arrival was great (NOT!) for my business as our little monkey is due bang in the middle of wedding season and my busiest time for family shoots- at first I totally panicked- I can’t lose all that work?? Now I am totally embracing it! I am imagining a summer baby, picnics with friends, afternoon snoozes on my sun lounger ( In the British rain!) and a jolly perfect summer with my Husband and brand new baby. I can hear all you Mummies out there laughing at my thoughts and naivety! In actual fact in the back of my mind I know the reality of having having a baby is nothing like that- but I can dream for the next 6 weeks! ( Years of teaching pre-schoolers & nannying soon brings you back into reality!)

 6 WEEKS!!!!! That is all we have left until baby Cooper makes his/her appearance! I am adamant the baby is a little boy- have felt like that all through the pregnancy. If our baby is a little girl I will be in for a shock! We have no girl names & the nursery themes defiantly more boyish than girlish. Once we have completed it I will share it with you. Everything is piled in the cot ready to be organised & all I have left to do is wash all the gorgeous clothes my friends can’t resit buying & paint some farm animals in watercolour for the walls which I will do when the madness dies down. I can’t wait to set it all up! Our pram is ready & waiting in my old bedroom at my parents farm & I just can’t wait to be able to use it all!

I have had a brilliant pregnancy. The first 16 weeks I felt permanently hungover but I still enjoyed that time- especially when it was our secret & know one else new the amazing change that was coming. Then since 16 weeks I have felt great! I have been walking 4 miles everyday so I don’t completely lose all the fit bit competitions I am in & eating like a little pig (the baby needs it! Honestly!). I have loved every second of it. When I hit 33 weeks I suddenly felt pregnant. I now have a bump (growing daily!) & the baby is constantly kicking me in the ribs and side- not funny at night when I can’t sleep baby Cooper! Last night the monkey was going for 2 hours and trust me the kicks are not gentle. I couldn’t get to sleep until he/she finally stopped at 12am! (I am a 9.30pm sort of girl at the moment!) I can’t wait to enjoy the next few weeks- the rest of June is crazy with family shoots but after that I am going to just work at my own pace in my office getting my photography & magic lights course websites up to date & having everything ready and in place and fit in lots of afternoon naps (essential!) & long lunches with friends & family before the arrival of our baby. We have no time for early arrivals so hopefully this baby will take after his/her Daddy who is late to everything!

We have a few big changes including the baby coming our way in the next few months & I can’t wait for our family to grow & our business’s to grow too. I am sooooo super lucky that I will get to be a full time Mummy & run my business along side doing this with help from our family & friends I know I will love every step of the way! Sometimes you just have to sit back and realise just how lucky you are & I know that I am a VERY lucky lady x


This photo was taken when I was about 29 weeks pregnant on one of my daily walks trying to gain some steps 🙂 x