One of the reasons I LOVE my job is because I get to choose when I spend an impromptu afternoon with the people I love the most. This morning I was photographing a gorgeous tiny baby (another amazing part of my job) & whilst I was driving home my Mum rang & told me Jack ( my adorable ginger little nephew for anyone who has not been lucky enough to meet this little charmer) was spending the afternoon at the farm. My afternoon plans were to sit in my little office all by myself editing until the glorious sunshine went down. As you can imagine I didn’t take much persuading & took the turning for the farm instead of going home to work 🙂

I got to spend my afternoon playing with my favourite little man…Jack. Jack is my adorable Nephew. Jack is a strong minded, cheeky, adorable, loving, funny, tractor & cow mad little boy! He just LOVES spending time on our farm with his Daddy & Grandad & every time you have to prise him out of a tractor when the next job is needed to be done ( He does not like leaving his tractors!). So this afternoon Jack & I spent the afternoon on our farm.  We spent a long time ploughing one of our fields with my Dad. Jack had his hand on the steering wheel the whole time, watching out of the back window just like my Dad does to check every thing was going ok back there! He mimics my Dad, Brother & fiancé with there every move from crossing his arms like them at the table to walking around the farm with a serious expression & having his hands in his pockets when they are stood having a chat about what to do next.

Once we had finished ploughing the fields we went to help milk the cows. Jack is straight in there with the massive cows, with no fear of the loud noises from the milking parlour. He just stands patiently waiting for his milk to feed his little calves. This boy is just too adorable to watch when he is ‘working on the farm’.

Next stop giving the calves milk, calf pellets & water. Jack helped me carry the large buckets of milk up the yard to the calf pens, but every time they needed filling up he would set of with the huge bucket back to the parlour ready for his Granddad to fill them up with more milk. Jack then checked every calf had water & pellets. He literally melts my heart when he is doing all these things to help look after the calves. The natural instinct is in him already to care for animals & you can tell from such a young age he is going to love farming for life.

Jack’s final job of the day before going in for tea was to set up Granny GG’s sprinkler to water her vegetable patch & sweet peas. Jack is such a lovely little boy & its moments like these that you really do treasure & realise what an absolutely privileged life I have to be able to spend an afternoon on our farm with such a special little boy.

We love you too much little Jack Lish xxx

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