Otley Family Photo Shoot

I’m so late blogging about this Otley family photo shoot I did back in May in the bluebells woods on their farm. But it can’t be missed! Plus it get me all excited for the bluebells shoots I have booked in for this year. I get to call these gorgeous people my friends! We went for a walk on evening in May down to the bluebell woods on their farm. How lucky are they to have this at the bottom of their field??

Otley-family-photo-shoot1 Otley-family-photo-shoot2 Otley-family-photo-shoot3 Otley-family-photo-shoot4 Otley-family-photo-shoot5 Otley-family-photo-shoot6 Otley-family-photo-shoot7 Otley-family-photo-shoot8 Otley-family-photo-shoot9 Otley-family-photo-shoot10 Otley-family-photo-shoot11 Otley-family-photo-shoot12 Otley-family-photo-shoot13 Otley-family-photo-shoot14 Otley-family-photo-shoot15 Otley-family-photo-shoot16 Otley-family-photo-shoot17 Otley-family-photo-shoot18 Otley-family-photo-shoot19 Otley-family-photo-shoot20