I booked this photo shoot in The Square and Compass pub, North Rigton (children’s photography)  for 5 families who were all friends and wanted photos of all their children together, so getting a date that everyone could do was bit of a challenge. When I woke up on the morning of their photo shoot it was absolutely pouring down, but I new we had to go ahead with it as they were all such busy families to find another date they could all do! We were meant to be meeting on their village green, so instead I suggested they all go to their village pub they all love to meet at on on Sunday. It was great we went at 10am before the pub opened to the public and the children were all so excited! We had fun with the boys sat on the bar drinking beer, whilst the girls were not quite as rowdy and were enjoying cosy chats on the sofa. The rain didn’t stop us at all and every one had a brilliant morning!

children drinking beer in a children photo shoot children drinking beer in a children photo shoot